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Turn-Key Packaging Solutions

Turnkey Packaging Solutions is our profession in accordance with the demands of  our customers besides the supply of machinery production and packaging film. We are so responsive for sharing our experience about packaging technologies.

Nowadays, customers are more cautious of quality than ever before. Thus, the demand for good, high quality, minimally processed and attractively packaged food is rapidly increasing. As a result, food manufacturers and producers have to work hard to meet this demand. People want freshly produced convenience food, often as smart ready-to-eat meals – as if they had been freshly prepared directly from the kitchen.

The race against time begins the moment fruit is picked, the corn is harvested or the fish is caught. From precisely that point on, natural deterioration and spoilage constitute a risk to the quality and shelf life of the food. Threats to product freshness, such as hygienic conditions while processing and temperature issues are things that must be taken into account. That is why the food packaging process as well as the package itself is crucial to freshness and quality.

As a country the Turkey leads the world in packaging innovation, demonstrating continuous excellence in both design and production.

However, whilst this success story is one to be proud of, the impact of food packaging on the environment and society as a whole remains firmly under the spotlight.

With increased consumer consumption and sales growth, retailers are facing mounting pressure to make better use of packaging to keep food fresher for longer, as well as to educate customers about the vital role packaging plays in this process

The new packaging Technologies provide opportunities for environmentally friendly and cost effective production, together with efficient distribution and waste control. APACK focus on products and packages that are covenient for consumers without chemical preservatives.

There are lots of food solutions for the market. We categorized as written below:

Ready Meal

Fresh Cut

Fresh Meat

Sea Food

Dried Food

Souce, Puree



Bakery and Desert

Skin Packaging

Slice and Dice

Sous Vide




as the the guarantee for health and quality.

The Packaging:
We define the issue as an industrial marketing technique for to contain, preservation, titling the agricultural, industrial products and for to speed up the sales and distribution of the same.

Industrial Packaging in the Food Industry: It may be summed as the general name of an indeed complicated system that provides the supply of the contained food to the last user as healthy, with minimum cost, trust and including the promotional factors.

Functional Packaging in Present Market: The new packaging technologies should give the opportunities of production with environment friendly and cost effective means as from production to distribution together with waste control.

Food Packaging: Till the recent times the most important thing for the producers was to just produce the food in industrial means. However, the dynamics which influence the present market focus on the change and products/packages suitable for the consumers.

Our solutions provides very long shelf life to food products while they are moved and stored in ambient temperature.  Also we have pasteurization solution for Daily fressh ready to eat food consept. Further the tray packaging has attracive looks and are stackable without losing visibility on shelves. It is the state of the art in food product packaging-the old method of retort pouch had definte disadvantage of over cooked food product due to retort temperature and time. The retort pouches stand up on shelves occupying more shelf space as they are not stackable due to low visibility. The convenience of tray is that you can heat and eat out of them where as you have to transfer food from pouches to plates before consumption. The product in tray can be visible with see through top film where as in pouches they are hidden from sight.

Value Added food Production By Means of Function: The rule number one for a healthy life is to be fed with different types of but healthily produced foods. The main purposes of us, the food specialists, are the natural and pure processing of foods, packing for desired shelf life and to make the consumers reach adequate, balanced, trustworthy and quality foods.

APACK not only offers the very best food manufacturing, processing and packaging machinery and functional packaging material but also the 'Total Processing/Packaging' service and support that is needed for customers to get the most out of them.